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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation – Utility Potholing Services in Northern California

Bess Utility Solutions offers vacuum excavation, also known as utility potholing, to ensure accurate and precise digging projects. We provide accurate vacuum excavation services in Northern California, specifically in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley, and Fresno. BESS is your key to safe, efficient underground utility management. 

After underground utilities are electronically designated, the next stage in data reliability related to ASCE 38-02 Quality Level A is obtained through vacuum excavation.

Secure your excavation projects with Bess Utility Solutions! Request an estimate for potholing utilities with vacuum excavation and damage prevention in Northern California! We are your trusted experts in finding underground utilities and structures in the Bay Area, Central Valley and the rest of the cities in NorCal. We also serve locations near Phoenix, Arizona.

Potholing Utilities in Hayward, CAVacuum Excavation in Ontario, California
Utility Potholing Services in Fresno, CAAir & Hydro Excavation in Sacramento, CA

*We also provide high-quality services for potholing with vacuum excavation in Phoenix, AZ.

Potholing to Locate Buried Utilities

Vacuum excavation, a cutting-edge technology in the construction industry, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and precision of construction projects. Bess Utility Solutions is at the forefront of providing vacuum potholing excavation services across California.

Our efficient approach combines advanced technology with expert knowledge to deliver accurate underground utility locating services. With offices in Hayward, Fresno, Ontario, and Sacramento, we’re equipped to serve a wide range of clients, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety on all projects.

Air and Hydro Vacuum Excavation in California

Air Vacuum: Bess Utility Solutions uses non-destructive air-vacuum excavation (potholing) to expose the utilities being surveyed to determine their exact depth and location. Precisely locating underground utilities helps the designers plan their construction project to eliminate potential damage and unnecessary relocations.

Hydrovac: Bess Utility Solutions also extends to larger excavations using trucks with 10 and 12 Y tank capacities, and we support the hauling off and disposal of wet and dry spoils. We leave the guesswork out of the equation for our clients in their projects using our hydro vacuum excavation. With Bess Utility Solutions, which has the most versatile fleet of vac trucks, no excavation job is too big or too small.

Bess Utility Solutions provides the safest and most efficient methods of air and hydro vacuum excavation for safe digging. We expose utilities being surveyed and provide solutions to mitigate underground utility-related risks prior to excavation.

Our highly-trained field associates precisely locate underground utilities to help designers plan their construction projects and eliminate potential damage. We begin by securing all required permits and conducting safety meetings and traffic control prior to any field work being performed.

Surface Restoration Methods

To ensure superior performance, we will use a combination of air and hydro vac trucks to collect critical utility data. Once we have located and identified critical subsurface utilities for your project, our restoration crew members will perform surface restoration per city and county standards using one of the following methods:

  1. Temporary Cold Patch: This is where the excavation site is refilled with some of the excavated material, aggregate, and a solvent. We use our compaction equipment to ensure the surface is restored and can be used immediately with this temporary restoration.
  2. Hot Patching: This is a similar process to temporary cold patching, but the exposed area is typically on a street or asphalt. The excavation site is covered with hot material and compressed to ensure the integrity of the patch.
  3. Keyhole: Another option for more critical excavation sites uses our Keyhole technology. This is where we use our process to remove and protect the surface structure. So once the excavation is complete and the utilities are located, we can restore the surface to its original state, leaving almost no evidence of our excavation.

Our deliverables range from a basic picture report with a tabulation of utility data to a survey-grade shape file or AutoCAD drawing.

Consider us your one-stop shop for all your utility solutions in California. Our professional team takes pride in our work, taking extra measures to exceed the expectations of our clients. We strive to protect the integrity of all underground utilities and to ensure the safety of our community.

Bess Utility Solutions: Your Go-To Partner For Vacuum Excavation in California

Vacuum potholing, a non-destructive excavation technique, serves as a critical preparatory step for any construction project. Hiring a private utility locator like Bess Utility Solutions serves as damage prevention to accurately detect underground infrastructure.

Our commitment is to provide high-quality, reliable vacuum potholing excavation services that meet the stringent demands of modern construction and utility maintenance.

Equipped with the latest technology, we stand ready to ensure your projects proceed safely and efficiently, with minimal risk to underground utility lines. Specializing in precision-based underground utility detection services, we ensure the safety and efficiency of your construction and maintenance projects with our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team.

How We Do It: Efficient Approach to Private Utility Locating Services

Bess Utility Solutions uses non-destructive air-vacuum excavation (potholing) to expose the utilities being surveyed to determine their exact depth and location. Precisely locating underground facilities and utilities helps the designers plan their construction projects to eliminate potential damage and unnecessary relocations.

Our vacuum excavation process begins with a detailed assessment of the project site. Using state-of-the-art vacuum excavators, our trained technicians first identify the exact location of underground utilities.

Once these areas are marked, our vacuum excavators utilize high-pressure water or air to loosen the soil. This non-invasive method allows us to get visual confirmation of gas lines, underground pipes, utility poles, and more, significantly minimizing the risk of damaging these critical infrastructures.

The excavated soil is then removed using a powerful vacuum system, transporting it to a debris tank for safe disposal or reuse. This process provides a clear view of the underground utilities, allowing for accurate mapping, inspection, and planning of further construction or maintenance activities.

Various Applications of Vacuum Excavation

The vacuum excavation technique is used not only to expose utilities but also for other applications that benefit from non-invasive and environmentally friendly technology. The following are some of the additional applications:

  • Slot trenching
  • Sign and pole installation
  • Digging for the installation of Devices for Cathodic Protection
  • Mud removal
  • Remote digging (400-foot reach)
  • Water removal from catch basins, manholes, meter boxes, and utility vaults
  • Excavation around tree roots
  • Railroad tie cleanouts
  • Pond excavation
  • Elevator shaft cleanouts

Our vacuum excavation technique is designed with safety at its core. By avoiding mechanical digging methods, we significantly reduce the risk of accidentally striking utility lines, which can lead to costly repairs, project delays, and potentially hazardous situations. Our technicians are trained in the latest safety protocols, ensuring a secure work environment for everyone involved.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Our client’s success is our top priority. Our approach to vacuum excavation potholing is a reflection of our dedication to delivering services that not only meet but exceed expectations. From initial consultation to project completion, we work closely with our clients, ensuring transparency, reliability, and unmatched quality.

Get a Free Quote for Precision Vacuum Excavation and Utility Potholing Services

Don’t leave your project to chance. Ensure accuracy from the start with our state-of-the-art vacuum excavation service. Our expert team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution that meets your specific needs, all while safeguarding your project against unforeseen complications.

Discover how our vacuum excavation and potholing services can add value to your project, save you time, and reduce costs in the long run. Contact Bess Utility Solutions today or request a free quote!

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Working with BESS Utility Solutions was a seamless experience. Their team was responsive, efficient, and thorough in their work. They took the time to understand our project needs and provided comprehensive utility locating services that exceeded our expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to enlist their services again and would recommend them to anyone in need.

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